Safe Drop is a low-cost solution for those in Havre and area to have a secure delivery option rather than unsecured and unmonitored home delivery

To use the service, ship the following address:

BorderBounce SafeDrop

44R - 1753 US Hwy 2 NW

Attn: (Your Full Name)

Havre, MT   59501

Different vendors have different address standards, so you may need to play with different combinations to get it to fit in their system.  Please make sure you have "Safe Drop" somewhere in the address, or your parcel will be put into the standard pricing categories with long-term Canadian parcels, and will be more difficult to find when you come for it.  Most importantly, don't forget to add your name as well!

Safe Drop is designed to be a quick and secure pickup solution, and additional storage fees will accrue after the third day.  Please refer to Fees and Hours for more information.