Canadian Billing Address?

Many smaller vendors will be unable to process a payment without a US billing address - and will frequently only ship to that US-only billing address. This can mean a lot of lost time and effort in trying to get that unique item, or amazing deal - only because you're not able to actually pay for it

No PayPal?

Many vendors offer, or even prefer PayPal for online purchases.  However, without a US-based account, you won't have a verified US address, and many vendors won't accept non-verified addresses.

Who Hates Bank Fees?

... probably everyone?  Did you know that when using your Canadian credit card for a foreign currency transaction, your bank will add an additional currency conversion fee?  Unless you have a card specifically for multi-currency, you will see a surcharge of at least 2.9%, and for some cards, up to 4 or 5%!

Let Border Bounce Buy it for You!

Solve all these problems at once!  Border Bounce has the ability to make a purchase using a US-Based Credit Card, or PayPal with a true US address!  For a flat 2.5% fee* (less than what the bank charges!), plus the exact exchange rate at the time (no more 'highest rate of the day' nonsense!), Border Bounce can take out all the hassles and make your purchase for you!  Fill in the Order Form to start the process!

 *minimum, $5 charge